Who are we ?

myWarmBoots.com is the project of a two passionate Canadians who wanted to share quality boots and shoes that respect the environment and their workforce.  America has a variety of climates and the styles we offer can withstand everything this country can come up with. To offer quality footwear at a competitive price, that is our commitment.

We are proud North Americans and we know this country’s weather. That’s why we sell quality products that will survive all weather conditions.

We believe that the products that we offer should respect the environment and their workforce.
We always try to provide exceptional products and make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Our Service team is always there to provide all the support you need.

The quality

Olang offers fashionable boots, made in Europe and equipped with OC anti-slip studs, a system developed in Italy and still owned by the Italian manufacturer. Each pair of boots is made with high quality materials and produced ethically. Superior craftsmanship makes them extremely durable.


There are many activities that make you want to go out and enjoy winter safely. To appreciate winter, you must first be equipped with a good pair of warm and quality boots from Olang.


Passion, expertise and the use of top quality raw materials, give Olang footwear comfort, reliability and durability. Each pair comes with additional insoles that allow you to adjust the level of comfort you need!