myWarmBoots.com is the project of a two passionate Canadians who wanted to share quality boots and shoes that respect the environment and their workforce.  Canada has a variety of climates and the styles we offer can withstand everything this country can come up with.  To offer quality footwear at a competitive price, that is our commitment.

Olang winter boots for women are designed for our winters. These boots are must-haves for getting through winter in style and will provide the protection you're looking for. Olang boots combine elegance and good non-slip grip; you’ll be sure to be noticed.
Olang winter boots for men are ideal for winter tasks or for the simple pleasure of being outside; whatever the weather conditions. This collection features trendy styles designed with exclusive technologies and warm, high quality materials.
Olang hiking footwear are the perfect footwear for the great outdoors, walking the city or traveling.Light, flexible and colorful, they offer incredible comfort, a pure form of relaxation for your feet.